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SMT IV Apocalypse; Kind of a sequel or continuation of original SMT IV
Topic Started: Jul 11 2016, 05:27 PM (606 Views)
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This game might seem like a sequel to SMT IV but its more like a continuation in an alternate continuity of one of SMT IV's endings the main character of the original does appear but this time you control a different protagonist a hunter who is killed by a demon during one of his missions makes a deal with the lesser god dagda in exchange for bringing him back to life the hunter must become his godslayer. Meanwhile a sudden third faction joins the continuing war of law and chaos wanting humans to offer their souls to help them defeat law and chaos who decide to team up against this new faction called the divine powers.

The game looks pretty exciting compared to its counterpart already got mine pre-ordered it's to be released on september 20th. Thoughts? i'm curious as to what the smt fans of this board like nemomon think.
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