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Hacking MMBN6: The Guide
Topic Started: Jul 31 2009, 04:56 AM (7,719 Views)
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Well, this is what everyone's looking for. This entire guide should allow you to hack and customize your very own battle. This will be very fun, so enjoy everybody! Please note that this guide is best viewed through WordPad, so download the direct file in the downloads section in the bottom to see the raw version.

For your own sake, please give yourself at least 2 hours to understand this if it's your first time.

You will need:
*VBA (v1.6 preferred)
*A ROM of the game (EU not covered)
*Patience. Please be patient on this. If it's your first time, then you'll need a lot of this. If you are a common "cheat user", you may have a hard time.

If you need help, please feel free to post in this topic. Mindless trolling will not be tolerated.

Hacking BN6 Guide

Hello and welcome to the BN6 Hacking Guide. By
reading this, you should understand how to edit
your own battles in BN6. I'm sure everyone's
ready to do this so let's begin. First off,
go to ACDC HP (the squirrel statue) and jack-in.
Run around and look for a virus set that looks like

[_][_][_]|[_][_][m] M= Megaman
[_][M][_]|[_][c][_] c= Catack
[_][_][_]|[_][_][m] m= Mettaur3

Beat this battle or run away from it. Now use the
SubChip, LocEnemy. If you have this then you're
lucky. If you don't, well then go get one. Now,
copy the address that corresponds with your version
and open up the Memory Viewer.

080B5CAB = Faltzer Version (JP) (ACDC HP)
080B388B = Faltzer Version (US) (ACDC HP)
080B90DB = Grega Version (JP) (Central Area2)
080B50FB = Grega Version (US) (ACDC HP)

Note that for Grega JP, you need to look for a battle with
3 Mettaurs.

Pay close attention. From here on out, you need to follow
directions to get what you want. I'll explain how to change the
battle in BN6 US. When you put the address on the Memory Viewer,
it should take you to a part of the memory viewer that has a lot of
numbers in a particular pattern. To prevent confusion, I'll bold the
values that you should change:

25 00 11 16 25 00 F0 00 22 00 00 11 25 25 00 11
16 03 00 11 36 03 00

This may look confusing now, but by the end, you'll understand it.
I'll explain, in order, how to modify this battle from beginning to end.


The first bolded value, 00 is the "team" Megaman is on. This should always
be left at 00 unless you want to replace him. I'll explain that later. Next
up is 22. This is the panel that you will start on. Here is a diagram that
explains which number is which panel.

00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
10 [11][12][13]|[14][15][16] 17
20 [21][22][23]|[24][25][26] 27
30 [31][32][33]|[34][35][36] 37
40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47

Easy enough, right? The next values are 00 00. It doesn't matter what this is
as long as Megaman's "team" is at 00. This goes for everyone who is Megaman.

Virus Changing

Now starts the viruses. All viruses in the game are stored in a simple 4
value patter. Changing this lets you do almost anything. So, let's start
editing. The virus we start with is Catack. The value 11 means that virus
is an enemy. Changing this to 12 will make the virus on your side! 00 makes
the virus Megaman. 01 Makes the virus an enemy Megaman. This will be helpful
later on. Also, you can make objects out of the too! If any of you have read
the hacking BN3-4 guides, you will know that I used a "kind" modifier. This
is almost the same thing. Change the "team" of that virus to any of these values
below to overwrite them for another object.

Kind List

00= Megaman
01= Enemy Megaman
11= Enemy
12= Ally
20= Mystery Data
30= Rock
70= DeathCube (you die when this object is present)
80 Virus 01= RockCube
80 Virus 03= IceCube
90= Guardian
A0= BlastCube

Note that changing all enemies to objects freezes the game.

Don't get confused by the two 25s. The first one you see is the location of the
virus. As you can see from the diagram above, 25 means they are in the middle.
Change this number to any of the numbers above to make the virus start there.

Now comes the virus value. The 25 is the virus, Catack. Below, is the complete
list of viruses you can choose from.

Virus List

00- TestVirus (not normally encountered)
01- Mettaur
02- Mettaur2
03- Mettaur3
04- MettaurSP
05- RareMettaur
06- RareMettaur2
07- Piranha
08- Piranha2
09- Piranha3
0A- PiranhaSP
0B- RarePiranha
0C- RarePiranha2
0D- HeadyA
0E- HeadyH
0F- HeadyW
10- HeadyE
11- RareHeady
12- RareHeady2
13- Swordy
14- Swordy2
15- Swordy3
16- SwordySP
17- RareSwordy
18- RareSwordy2
19- KillerEye
1A- DemonEye
1B- JokersEye
1C- KillerEyeSP
1D- RareKillerEye
1E- RareKillerEye2
1F- Quaker
20- Shaker
21- Breaker
22- QuakerSP
23- RareQuaker
24- RareQuaker2
25- Catack
26- Cateen
27- Catapult
28- CatackSP
29- RareCatack
2A- RareCatack2
2B- Champy
2C- Chumpy
2D- Chimpy
2E- ChampySP
2F- RareChampy
30- RareChampy2
31- WindBox
32- VaccuumFan
33- WindBox2
34- VaccuumFan2
35- RareBox
36- RareFan (not normally encountered)
37- Trumpy
38- Tuby
39- Tromby
3A- MuteAnt
3B- Xylos
3C- TrumpySP
3D- OldStove
3E- OldStove2
3F- OldStove3
40- OldStoveSP
41- RareOldStove
42- RareOldStove2
43- HauntedCandle
44- HauntedCandle2
45- HauntedCandle3
46- HauntedCandleSP
47- RareHauntedCandle
48- RareHauntedCandle2
49- Kettle (only hurt by fire)
4A- Kettle
4B- SuperKettle
4C- KettleDX
4D- KettleSP (black)
4E- KettleSP (pale yellow color, not normally encountered)
4F- Puffy
50- Puffy2
51- Puffy3
52- PuffySP
53- RarePuffy
54- RarePuffy2
55- StarFish
56- StarFish2
57- StarFish3
58- StarFishSP
59- RareStarFish
5A- RareStarFish2
5B- EarthDragon
5C- ThunderDragon
5D- WaterDragon
5E- WoodDragon
5F- WhiteDragon
60- BlackDragon
61- ScareCrow
62- ScareCrow2
63- ScareCrow3
64- ScareCrowSP
65- RareScareCrow
66- RareScareCrow2
67- PulseBulb
68- PulseBulb2
69- PulseBulb3
6A- PulseBulbSP
6B- RarePulseBulb
6C- RarePulseBulb2
6D- BigHat
6E- BigHat2
6F- BigHat3
70- BigHatSP
71- RareBigHat
72- RareBigHat2
73- BombCorn
74- MegaCorn
75- GigaCorn
76- BombCornSP
77- RareBombCorn
78- RareBombCorn2
79- Shrubby
7A- Shrubby2
7B- Shrubby3
7C- ShrubbySP
7D- RareShrubby
7E- RareShrubby2
7F- HoneyBomber
80- HoneyBomber2
81- HoneyBomber3
82- HoneyBomberSP
83- RareHoneyBobmer
84- RareHoneyBomber2
85- Gunner
86- Shooter
87- Sniper
88- GunnerSP
89- RareGunner
8A- RareGunner2
8B- FighterPlane
8C- FighterPlane2
8D- FighterPlane3
8E- FighterPlaneSP
8F- RareFighterPlane
90- RareFighterPlane2
91- DarkMech
92- ElecMech
93- DoomMech
94- DarkMechSP
95- RareDarkMech
96- RareDarkMech2
97- SnakeArm
98- SnakeArm2
99- SnakeArm3
9A- SnakeArmSP
9B- RareSnakeArm
9C- RareSnakeArm2
9D- Armadill
9E- Armadill2
9F- Armadill3
A0- ArmadillSP
A1- RareArmadill
A2- RareArmadill2
A3- Cragger
A4- MetalCragger
A5- BigCragger
A6- CraggerSP
A7- RareCragger
A8- RareCragger2
A9- Nightmare
AA- BlackMare
AB- DarkMare
AC- NightmareSP
AD- RareNightmare
AE- RareNightmare2
AF- Dustman Mini-Game 1
B0- Dustman Mini-Game 2
B1- Dustman Mini-Game 3
B4- One Trash flies at the enemy.
B5- Tomahawkman Mini-Game 1
B6- Tomahawkman Mini-Game 2
B7- Tomahawkman Mini-Game 3
B8- Tomahawkman Mini-Game 4 (glitched)
B9- Tomahawkman Mini-Game 5 (glitched)
BA- Tomahawkman Mini-Game 6 (glitched)
BB- No Name Mettaur
BC- No Name Mettaur2
BD- No Name Mettaur3
BE- No Name MettaurSP
BF- No Name RareMettaur
C0- No Name RareMettaur2

The following is leftover name data and mask data from BN5's
Operation Battle. All enemies are Mettaurs and have no enemy
tied down to them.

C1- Mettaur1
C2- Mettaur1EX
C3- Mettaur2
C4- Mettaur2EX
C5- Mettaur3
C6- Mettaur3EX
C7- Tuby
C8- TubyEX
C9- Tuby2
CA- Tuby2EX
CB- Tuby3
CC- Tuby3EX
CD- Flag
CE- Rock
CF- Otenko
D0- RockCube
D1- IceCube
D4- BombCube
D5- BlackBomb
D6- Wind
D7- Fan
D8- TimeBomb
D9- TimeBomb+
DB- Anubis
DC- PoisonPharoah
DD- Fanfare
DE- Discord
DF- Timpani
E0- Silence
E1- DarkSonic
E2- VDoll
E3- Guradian
E4- Voltz
E5- AirSpin
E6- ChaosLord
E7- RedFruit
E8- ChemicalFlash
E9- ModMegaman
EA- BassCrossMegaman
EC- BLAMK NAME ("EX" in JP version)
FF- WideSword! (wtf?)

Wow, that's a lot of leftover data. These are rip for the picking
if you're going to be renaming viruses. (see bottom)

Hacking Navis

So now you're probably wondering, how do you fight Navis? Well
it's really simple. After the 25, you see the value, 00. That is
basically like a switch. Think of it as a Yes or No question.
Since you're not fighting another Navi, obviously 00 means No.
Change it to 01 and it will become a Navi, Yes.

Now you might want to fight that Navi at a different version. Below is
a list explaining what each virus becomes when you put the value 01.

Virus1 = NaviV1
Virus2 = NaviEX
Virus3 = NaviSP
VirusSP = NaviRV
RareVirus = NaviBX
RareVirus2 = Navi with no name

Virus to Navi List

Now here is a list of what each virus becomes when you change them.

00= TestVirus = 4000HP Megaman
01= Mettaur = Heatman
07= Piranha = Elecman
0D= Heady = Slashman
13= Swordy = Killerman
19= KillerEye = Chargeman
1F= Quaker = Aquaman
25= Catack = Tomahawkman
2B= Champy = Tenguman
31= WindBox = Groundman
37= Trumpy = Dustman
3D= OldStove = Protoman
43= HauntedCandle = Blastman
49= Kettle = Diveman
4F= Puffy = Circusman
55= StarFish = Judgeman
5B= EarthDragon= Elementman
61= ScareCrow = Hakushaku
67= PulseBulb = Colonel
6D= BigHat = Bass
73= BombCorn = Grega (Grega Version Only)
79= Shrubby = Faltzer (Faltzer Version Only)
7F= HoneyBomber= Hakushaku (weaker)
85= Gunner = GregaBeast
8B= FighterPlane= FaltzerBeast
91= DarkMech = MegamanClone
97= SnakeArm = MegamanClone
9D= Armadill = Named Megamans
A3= Cragger = MegamanClone
A9= Nightmare = CRASHES GAME

For more information on these Navis, check out the Hacking Bosses In-Depth
A downside to using Navis is tha it is not in their programming to attack
Viruses or other Navis. This is how it goes:

Megaman can attack all
Viruses can attack all
Navis can only attack Megaman

Now that you've got the whole virus/Navi setup done, you can add another enemy
if you want. Note that when you add another enemy, the beginning of the next
battle will get screwed up. Just remeber this basic format:

Team Location Virus Navi Trigger

Remember that you can only have 4 enemies on the enemy field. You can have up
to 4 too, but the game may start to slow down. Just remeber to always keep the
value F0 when you're done. If you want fewer enemies, change the "team" of the
next virus to F0.

Battle Type Modding

Not satisfied with your results? Want to change more aspects of the battle?
Well now you can! Input the addresses to the corresponding version and you can
start changin more things!

080B5B6B = Japanese Faltzer
080B374B = English Faltzer
080B897B = Japanese Grega
080B4FBB = English Grega

When you input the address, it will take you to a section that looks like this:

00 85 38 0B 08 00 14 15 00 FF 00 38 00 E2 49 00

You will get to change almost all of this. Let's go in order this time.

The first value, 00 doesn't really do anthing. Leave it alone. The
next value, 85 is like the ID of the battle. NEVER change this.
Also, the third value, 38 should also not be changed. 0B, don't change.

And finally, 00. This is the battlefield setup. It goes from 00 to FF.
Each value contains different areas. To see the working values, download the
Battlefield Setups folder!

Next value, 14 doesn't do anything. Leave it alone.

Change that battle's music

Now comes the better part. The value, 15 is the music value. You can change it
to any music in the entire game! Here is the full list:

Music List

00= No Music
01= Title Screen
02= WWW Theme
03= Cyber City Theme
04= Indoors Theme
05= School Theme
06= Seaside Town Theme
07= Sky Town Theme
08= Green Town Theme
09= Graveyard Theme
0A= Mr. Weather Theme
0B= Event Ocurance
0C= Crisis
0D= Sad Theme
0E= Hero Theme
0F= Transmission!
10= Blast Speed
11= Aquarium Computer
12= Judge Tree Computer
13= Network Theme
14= Undernet Theme
15= Virus Battle
16= Boss Battle
17= CyberBeast Battle
18= Pavillion Theme
19= Winner Theme
1A= Loser Theme
1B= Game Over
1C= Encounter Theme
1D= Credits
1E= Navi Customizer Theme
1F= Winner Theme, short version
20= CyberBeast Computer
21= Theme of the CyberBeasts
22= Crossover Battle Theme
23= Skark Panic
24= ACDC Theme
25= Dolphin Show
26 and below= blank

Going on now. The next value, 00 is the type of battle you fight.
With this, you can fight in any style the game has to offer at anytime!
Now, the list:

Battle Type List

00= Normal Battle
01= Crossover Battle (freezes in Japanese version)
02= Battle Tutorial 1
03= Battle Tutorial 2
04= Battle Tutorial 3
05= Beast-Out Tutorial
06= Virus Battler (freezes if you add more than 4 enemies
07= Tomahawkman modded to mini-game (B= T-Swing)
08= Cross Tutorial
09= Dustman modded to mini-game (A= Suck Up B= DustBreak)
0A= Hakushaku Invincible Mode (wait 4 turns to initiate Django Scene) (removed in US version)
0B= Django + Megaman finishing off Hakushaku (removed in US version)

Great. Now you've gone that far. Now comes the value FF. This is the background of
the battle. Normally, this wasn't supposed to change in the same area. But you can
change it to whatever you want! Here is the list:

Background List

00= Lan's PC
02= Extra Area BG (crashes)
03= Aquarium HP
04= Sky HP
05= Green HP
06= RoboControl
07= Regular Comp
08= Link Navi HP
09= Central Area
0A= Aquarium Comp
0B= Seaside Area
0C= Judgement Tree
0D= Green Area
0E= Sky Area
0F= Undernet
10= MrWeather Comp
11= Underground
12= CyberBeast Comp
13= ACDC Area
14= Graveyard
15= Stormy MrWeather Comp
16 and below crash game

Numbered Battles

Up next is the value 00. This is the number of the battle you're
on. Normally you weren't supposed to find numbered battles on the net,
but you can change that. By changing it to 01, when you enter the battle,
it will say, "Battle 1 Start". So to make it any number from 1-99, you
have to put the number in hex. Hex is the way the game uses numbers and such.
In hex, 12 is 0C. You may be able to make the battle number 9, but how do you
do 10? That's for you to find out. It's not hard. Also note that for battles
after 1, the screen fades black to make it continous.

Liberation-Styled Battles

Remember how in BN5 you got to fight in battles where you were pincred in the
middle? Well you can do that in this game too! It's mostly because of
Tomahawkman's mini-game. So to do this, change the value 38 to anything else.
The results are rather random. In some cases, your area is scattered across enemy
area. When you play in this mode, you can push L or R to enter the custom screen.
However, without the real Liberation Mode intact, you cannot enter the custom screen.
So unless someone comes up with a "enter custom screen by pushing L" cheat, this mode
is rather useless. Also, viruses and Navis will end up facing incorrect directions
because the game's programming doesn't support this.

00= Battlefield is all yours
FF= The enemy owns all your area.

Find that battle, or not

The next value is quite fun. This controls if you find that battle
or not. Don't change this value to 01. Instead, change the 00 on
top of and beneath this row to make this the only battle you find.
Kind of makes LocEnemy useless, huh?

Custom Screen Rig

I'm not too sure how this one works yet. The value E2 means you will
start with a random set of chips. This lets you rig the chips you start
with. I do know that changing this value to 00 will make the chips in your
folder come in order. This can let you abuse many things within the battle.

Can't run away

One more thing I found recently, but isn't much of use is running away
or not. Change the value 49 to C0 and you will not run away from that battle.
That's all there is to it. The only usefulness this has is to make battles
look more real.

No results

Now the final thing you can do is skip the results screen. This requires you
to change 2 values. Change E2, which is near the end, to E1 and the 00 at
the end of the line to 01. This will skip the results entirely.

Enhancing Hacks with cheats

This is as far as you will go as to hacking your own battle. It was
certainly off-limits without cheats. But cheats can do lots of great things.
This will ultimately enhance your hacked battle. Let's start with moves.

Using Moves

So you've gotten this far. This cheat will make you perform a move by
pushing a button. This works best when you have a Navi replace yourself,
and you can't move them.

D0000020 00XX
8203A9B8 YY04

Change XX to whatever button:
A= 01
B= 02
Select= 04
Start= 08
L= 200
R= 100
Up = 40
Down = 80
Left = 20
Right = 10

The first line is the Joker code. It is a line of cheat that makes
the code beneath it to activate at the push of the button value.
Here is an online Joker code creator that will make this easier if
you don't understand it.


YY values

0804= Nothing (animation continues)
0904= Freeze inplace (MOVE 1)
0A04= Nothing (MOVE 2)
0B04= Deleted (MOVE 3)
0C04= Hurt (MOVE 4)
0D04= Nothing (Move 5)

Please note that the rest of the values have been removed and archived
on my comp if not, elsewhere. The marked moves are attacks that most
enemies use, so you can pull off their attack whenever you want. It might
be a bit glitchy, but that's to be expected.

Enemy Modifying

This section is a series of cheats that modifies or enhances the viruses
for that slot. By now, you should be familiar with with slots. Those are
the sections of that virus that you modified earlier. Megaman is the 0th slot
since he is part of the battle, but not a numbered enemy. The first enemy is
is the 1st slot, second enemy is in the 2nd slot, and so on. 4th enemy cheats
are not complete yet, but they will be soon.
Now here are the cheats:

0th Slot Cheats

Name ID Modifier
8203A9D8 0YXX

HP Modifier
D0000020 0004
8203A9D4 XXXX

Levitate Yourself

Color Modifier
3203AA44 00XX

AI Modifer
82034080 XX0Y

Level Enhancer
32034096 00XX

1st Slot Cheats

Name ID Modifier
8203AAB0 0YXX

HP Modifier
D0000020 0004

Number of Chips Held
D0000020 0004
3203AAA2 00XX

Chip Modifier

Levitate Enemy

Color Modifier
3203AB1C 00XX

AI Modifier
82034180 XX0Y

Level Enhacner
32034196 00XX

2nd Slot Cheats

Name ID Modifier
8203AB88 0YXX

HP Modifier
D0000020 0004
8203AB84 XXXX

Number of Chips Held
D0000020 0004

Chip Modifier
8203AB8A 00XX

Levitate Enemy

Color Modifier
3203ABF4 00XX

AI Modifier
82034280 XX0Y

Level Enhancer
32034096 00XX

3rd Slot Cheats

Name ID Modifier
8203AC60 0YXX

HP Modifier
D0000020 0004

Number of Chips Held
D0000020 0004
3203AC52 00XX

Chip Modifier
8203AC62 XXXX

Levitate Enemy
8203AC76 XXXX

Color Modifier
3203ACCC 00XX

AI Modifier
82034380 XX0Y

Level Enhancer
32034096 00XX

Just so you won't get lost, I'll explain what each cheat does and how to
use it.

Name ID

At first, I didn't realize the importance of the name. This is the name
that physically appears in battle. Depending on what name you choose,
Navis may act differently to it. The values are exactly the same as
hacking an enemy, so the Y value is for the Navi trigger, and the XX
is for the virus value. This can load several names that you couldn't
normally access with hacking the enemy. Too many GBeasts.


I don't think I need to explain this a lot. I added a Joker to it so they
won't always have that much HP. Push Select to make that enemy go to that
HP. To get the HP value, go into your Windows Calculator, assuming you
have one, and type in the HP you want. Now go to "View" and select
"Scientific". More options should appear. Select "Hex" from the left
buttons and it should change your number to hex. If it is 3 digits big,
put a 0 in front. Holding Select will repeatedly regain that HP, making
them invincible.

Number of Chips Held

This cheat is only if you are deciding to use a virus that can use a chip.
You should change the Joker to something else if you are going to use this.
What this does is give that enemy 1 chip. If they use it up, you can push
Select again to give it back. Here is a list of the viruses that can use


Any version of that virus can use it and some may freeze the game if they
try to perform a move they were no supposed to. (Mettaur cannot use buster
attacks, but can use WaveArm)

Chip Modifier

This will change what chip that virus is holding. This cheat goes hand-in-hand
with the above cheat. You must use both. The values of chips can be found

It's in Japanese, but you should be able to tell some chips apart.


Basically, you can elevate that enemy with this cheat. The values are
somewhat varying. 1D is a basic height value you can use. Just because
they are in the air, doesn't mean you can't hit them. It's for show only.

Color Modifier

This just changes their color. Most only have values to 05. Color is pure
physical, Enemy Enhancer is for the real thing.

AI Modifier, Move Swap

AI stands for Automated Intelligence. This is bascially the repetitive
strategy that an enemy uses on you. So with this cheat, you can "crossover"
enemy strategies with other enemies. So Bass can act as a Mettaur!
The values are different from the ones you are used to though. Since this
list fliters out versions, here is how it looks:

01= Mettaur = Heatman
02= Piranha = Elecman
03= HeadyA = Slashman
04= Swordy = Killerman
05= KillerEye = Chargeman
06= Quaker = Aquaman
07= Catack = Tomahawkman
08= Champy = Tenguman
09= WindBox = Groundman
0A= Trumpy = Dustman
0B= OldStove = Protoman
0C= HCandle = Blastman
0D= Kettle = Diveman
0E= Puffy = Circusman
0F= StarFish = Judgeman
10= EarthDragon= Elementman
11= ScareCrow = Hakushaku (no AI in US version)
12= PulseBulb = Colonel
13= BigHat = Bass
14= BombCorn = Grega (AI exists in both versions)
15= Shrubby = Faltzer (same as above)
16= HoneyBomber= Hakushaku
17= Gunner = GBeast
18= FightPlane = FBeast
19= DarkMech = Nothing
1A= SnakeArm = "
1B= Armadill = "
1C= Cragger = "
1D= Nightmare = "

Since this works exactly the same as hacking enemies, 01 will trigger a Navi
AI, which have been listed for you. There might be som small glitches in them
but don't worry about it.

Level Up!

The name speaks for itself. This cheats enhacnes that slot to a different
level. Sprinkles will indicate that it has worked. Most viruses and Navis
only have up to 5 different version you can fight. (including hacked)
However, going beyond that might yield different results. Some, or rather
most freeze the game, but others, unleash an uber powerful form of that
enemy! Try 1E on Bass and you'll see what I mean.
These are essential if you need to power up an enemy or yourself at the

Misc. Cheats

Most of the cheats I've made accumulate. All of which enhance gameplay
for hacking and for fun. Try these on and see how much fun you can have!

No Emotion Window
32035292 00F0

L+R for Custom Screen
74000130 00FF
320348B2 0013

Infinite Chip use in battle
320349C0 0000

No Time Freeze
720348B2 0007
320348B2 0001

Custom Screen Auto-Opens
720348B2 0003
320348B2 0013

Start+R for Soul Unison
74000130 02FB
320364C1 0024

L and R for flip
D0000020 0200
320340C5 0002
D0000020 0100
320340C5 0003

Fast BackGround (messes up overworld)
3204A881 0019

Background Direction Modifier
82049690 xxxx x-axis
82049694 yyyy y-axis

Push Select for Minor Shake
D0000002 0004
8204998C 0100

Link Battle Style
720348DC 001F
820348BC XXXX

Replace XXXX for your version

JP Faltzer

JP Grega

US Faltzer

US Grega

Shadow Mode
33006184 0000

Still Background
3200A88A 0001

Black Background
8200AC40 7D60

No Stage
8200AC46 1D04

Music Speed Modifier (speed varies; ~70ish)
823508B0 XXXX

Start with Cross
320047E3 00XX

Replace Sound Modifier (sounds start at ~70)
7200A49C XXXX
8200A49C XXXX

Body Type Modifier
320340CA 00XX

01= Virus Body (no recoil)
FF= Shield Body ("Knightman" body)

Always have 9999999 Zenny
82001BDD 967F
82001BDF 0098
82001BED 6980
82001BEF FF67
82001BF0 FFFF
82001BF2 FFFF
82009434 5028
82009436 0200
82005028 967F
8200502A 0098
82000060 0000
82000062 0000

If you have questions on values you should use, ask in this topic.

What to do?

Hopefully with those cheats, you can hack a battle to your greatest wish,
sort of. But you've gone this far, what will you do now? Several people
have discovered how fun this can be.

With an unlimited choice of battles, you can start taking Challenges. In
a "Challenge", the person taking the challenge, you, will accept request
from another person. You can accomplish that and record a video on it.
You then upload it to YouTube for everyone to see! Some of you are already
familiar with this. You might be familiarwith the repetitive, "Beat
BassBX with only Cannon!" "Beat ProtomanFZ with your buster!" Challenges
like these get old with the same scene and battle, it just makes you want
to do more with it. Go on and try this to see how fun it can be.

Some people are even making a Mini-Series. Basically what this is, is a
sereies of recorded battles with dialogue added with Windows Movie Maker.
I don't suggest trying this until you've got a good idea on what it's
going to be about. You can let your imagination fly with this. No longer
are you limited to imaginary battles. An example of a good mini-series is
TheSwordUser's "Net Saviors" series on YouTube. Check out his videos to see
an example of an impressive mini-series.

Don't want to do any of those? How about just recording videos for the
fun of it. I, for one, am not creative enough to make a mini-series, and
don't have the time to accept challenges. So what I do is just record random
videos on hacks that would impress people. I'm just going for impression
value. Mainly boasting the effects of cheats, like playing as any Navi, or
really hard battles. It's up to you. You've gone this far. You decide!


I am kind of picky on this. If you are reading this, you are hacking this
game's battles. Even though many can't do this yet, I'm still looking for
impression value. If I happen to stumble accross your video, I will be
rating on this scale:

* -Battle is simple and the user only changed one thing,
1/5 usually only one virus.
Not too -BG and music are still the same, unless it's part of a scene,
impressive and most of the battle remains unchanged. ACDC HP shown.
-No cheats used.

**** -The battle has been changed completely, with the probability
4/5 of up to 4 enemies on one side.
You know what-BG changed to match the battle and music has been changed to
you're doing either one from the game's tracks, or inserted with WMM.
-Some cheats used to enhance the battle.

***** -The entire battle has been changed to an exciting setup
5/5 ready to be played.
Very -All, if not, most of the battle's properties have been chaged
impressive! from the original. Music is added perfectly with WMM and looks
almost beleiveable.
-Up to 10 lines of cheat used. Playing as a Navi you weren't
supposed to play as is a big plus. Enhancers have been used
to create a result to impress anyone who as played the game.
-Well done mini-series. (only applys to mini-series)

Please, if you're going to upload a video, at least change everything. I'm getting tired of seeing "VS Tomahawkman and 2 Mettaur 3s" with ACDC BG and Virus Battle music.
Awesome YouTube members!

Well that just about covers it. This section was updated as of 2/24/07.
Now comes the copyright.

This guide is copyright to mega rock.exe, creator of this entire guide.
Credits to Griega Master for helping out here and there, and for TREZ.
This guide can only be posted on The Rockman EXE Zone.
No part of this guide can be copied or reproduced in any way unless given
permission from the author.

Copyright website: http://z6.invisionfree.com/The_Rockman_EXE_Zone/

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post that.


Hacking BN6 Guide
Chinese Version
Hacking Bosses: In-Depth Guide Updated!

Do not distribute any of these files under any circumstances. Doing so will get you perma-banned from the site.
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