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.:Official Hacked Battle Contest I:.; Virus Battler Trial
Topic Started: Feb 19 2008, 11:05 PM (6,349 Views)
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This is the first hacked battle contest headed by me. It will be simple for now. I am asking for a video of a difficult Virus Battler type of battle.


* You must be Megaman, or any other Link Navi. You cannot use chips.
* Opponent is Falzter at the weakest level
* You can fill your field to 4 enemies
* You don't have to delete Faltzer in time
* Don't post your video until the deadline. No one must know your results
* If you do win, the higher-rated video will win out of all of them
* You can change aspects like stage and music and WMM edits, but no more

I might update these tomorrow, seeing as how it's 10:00pm over here. Please, if you have any questions, post now, because it begins now.

Deadline is one week from Wednesday.
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