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iOS/Android Rockman EXE/Megaman BN game?
Topic Started: Aug 6 2018, 04:37 PM (61 Views)
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Hi All:

First post... LONG time Megaman fan. Pretty much grew up with the Battle Network TV show and Gameboy/DS games. Long time forum lurker/member back in the 05/06 era where online forums were the rage. Recently got a Switch and purchased the MegamanX Legacy collection and the nostalgia kicked in for a new BN-style game.

Definitely wishful thinking, but do you all think there is enough buzz around the Megaman Universe to create an AR (Pokemon Go/Ingress style) mobile game?

I know that people are hoping for a new title coming to Nintendo Switch, as the old Megaman and Megaman X legacy collections have been dropping.

But, considering all of the maps/data collection from Niantic is out there from PoGo and Ingress, it doesn't seem too farfetched to hope for a mobile game. Especially since the whole idea of Megaman was to have a Navi on your mobile device that would "jack in" and defeat viruses. The game would be simple - create your own Net-Navi from a template, then spin discs (i.e. pokestops) to give off items such as battle chips/enhancements/etc. The stops would also have chance encounters of virus battles to gain EXP. Areas that are current gyms in PoGo for example would contain boss battles a la the classic Rockman EXE/Megaman BN style.

Again, wishful thinking, but I thought I would get the idea out there!

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