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Megaman battle network 3 Blue map editor; An editor for editing maps, movement permissions, virus battle, and events
Topic Started: Feb 23 2018, 06:14 PM (128 Views)
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Does anyone know of a map editor for Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue for GBA that allows you to edit the maps for BN3 such as ACDC Town, and the cyberworlds? If one does not exist, how easy would it be to make one? If one needs to be made, it should function like Advance map for Pokemon in that it can edit the map, movement permissions (where you can move), data such as warp points, object descriptions, scripts (such as when you leave the classroom when going to confront Dex when you learn he is moving and you try to go back into your classroom), and the abillity to change a person's image, plus the abillity to add in new people complete with text, virus battles, map names, the music playing on a particular map (so if I wanted the seaside hospital to play the school music), any scripts that may activate as soon as you reach the map such as the one in Willy's lab, and map size along with the option of adding in new maps as well. Also, do you think a chip editor would be possible if one doesn't already exist? Basically, it allows you to add in a new chip or alter an existing chip (such as changing its description and picture). You can also upload a new image for chips as well, so if you wanted to change Air shot 1 to Cannodumb alpha, you can add in a new picture to it. You can also change attack damage, what chip group it falls under (in this example, airshot 1 falls under the airshot group, meaning it pushes back an enemy one square along with playing an animation. If you change the airshot 1 from the airshot group to the cannon group, it would instead play the cannon animation, and also not throw an enemy back one square despite it having the airshot 1 picture), what order the chips appear in the library (so if you want airshot 1 to be the last chip, just change the number from 4 to 200, and it will swap with whatever the 200th chip is. This is also useful for if you create an extension to an existing chip (such as the non-existint cannon alpha chip), but don't want to mess with the current chips, then you can move it to the appropriate spot (in the case of cannon alpha, it would swap with airshot 1 as the 201st chip). Any help is appreciated.
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