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Megaman NT Warrior Advanced PET Battle Chip Template; Megaman NT Warrior Battle Chip Labels
Topic Started: Feb 12 2018, 12:29 PM (59 Views)
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So first off, Credit to BOBdotEXE for the inpiration for this small project and with that said lets get to it!
Okay, so the file you will find in the link below is a template. You may ask "A template for what?". It's a template for Megaman NT Warrior toy battle chip labels. Whether you just have a few Battle Chips or a whole collection this template may be your friend. I've made it easy to use to the point to where its almost impossible to mess up. all you have to do is get a picture of the Battle chip icon (link for them below) and crop the size of the icon and put it in the white box. Considering that the box is white and surrounded by black should make it easier for you to get the exact size. After you get that done, its the sizing you have to do... man is this a pain and you may expect me to say I did it for you but look, I'm sorry but I've tried it on different computers and for some reason you have to resize the label. I mean, its not a huge pain though it takes patience if you want it done correctly. Finally print and stick to yo- oh no! It's on paper so there no glue!!! Well heres a fix, buy some spray adhesive. It's what I use and it works perfectly every time as long as you don't soak the paper so be a bit careful. But with that aside, this is my Battle Chip Label set! From Standard to Giga and even Navi.

BOBdotEXE's Youtube Channel here so giv em sum luv: https://www.youtube.com/user/bobdotexe
Battle Chip Label Template: https://imgur.com/SEoFZo8
Battle Chip Icons: http://megaman.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Mega_Man_Battle_Network_4_Battle_Chips
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