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Series Speedrun Relay; Livestream Sunday the 18th on twitch.tv/TeamBN
Topic Started: Feb 11 2018, 05:17 PM (170 Views)
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Next Sunday, February 18th (one week from today) TeamBN will be doing a Star Force Series Relay! We'll have a speedrun of all 3 games back-to-back-to-back. The stream will start at 1pm EST and run for about 13 hours.

Where https://www.twitch.tv/TeamBN
When https://horaro.org/teambn/sfrelay

Star Force 1 - Any% speedrun by TwilightEXE starts at 1pm EST
Star Force 2 - Any% No Cards speedrun by GhostScit starts at 6pm EST
Star Force 3 - Any% No Cards speedrun by lil_Fatkid starts at 10pm EST
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Nice! I'm excited!
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