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Question on a Mega Man Exe 4 inch nel figure I have
Topic Started: Jan 9 2018, 09:59 AM (99 Views)
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Purchased this at PAX East this year but have heard about fakes. From the videos of Japanese box unboxings, there is a Capcom sticker on the top part of the box, but on the videos of the American box unboxings (the same one I have) there is no sticker. On the back, there is all of those company logos and whatnot on the US version of the box, but all of that is absent on the Japanese one. Did I get a fake or a legit one? I also canít remember the price but it was around $20-$30, is this standard for 4 inch nel figures? Might have been $40 though. For those that also have an American box, if anyone here also has an American box, was yours the same as mine? https://imgur.com/gallery/9Eecu
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