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Battle Chips - Varying versions; The real ones
Topic Started: Jan 8 2018, 09:03 AM (141 Views)
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It's been a long time since I've been here, wow - this place sure has changed. I happened by the fact that every once in a great while, someone will talk about the real-life Battle Chips here, so despite the fact that this place looks pretty... quiet, I wanted to drop in an ask some questions. I collect the 4/4.5 "Advanced" chips exclusively - I like their shape the best, and I appreciate that like 10 of them are in English.

Anyway, in the course of my collecting, I've gotten ahold of a lot of spares (which is typical), and a few of the Progress and Link chips, the latter of which I have no concern with and would like to sell off. Most are obviously common chips and I have a few of the Navi Data chips running around, which I understand are also very common. My question for the knowledgeable members here is about the value of the sparse Giga chips I've gotten for these sets. Namely:

Progress Chip - Final Gun: I know Final Gun is a hard to find chip in the Advanced set, but I believe it's just a normal booster pack obtainable Giga chip for Progress.

Progress Chip - Forte: I believe this came with the black Progress PET? Information is a little sparse. I imagine that means it's not all too rare.

Link Chip - Meteor Knuckle: The only Link Giga chip I own. I know nothing about these, but I assume this was also a booster pack pull.

And... that's really it. If there's a commonly marketed value for these guys, let me know. If anyone's looking for anything on the common side from any of these sets, let me know and we'll work out a deal. I'm not a Top Rated Ebay seller with 30k feedback, but I'm fair and try to work with people.
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To bad I only buy in person but for anyone looking to use them you can get an EZ-flash and use the English patch patched 4.5 to play and use them .When tested game worked fine minus the time.You should just need a chip gate to use them.Oh i think one Of the EZ-Flashes has clock emulator to boot.
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