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how to make mmsf good again
Topic Started: Jan 4 2018, 10:46 PM (191 Views)
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It's been a while since Megaman Star Force hasn't had a game and I had thought of what the series should do to fix itself in order to elevate to the likes of the best Megaman titles (Megaman, Megaman X, Megaman Zero, Megaman Battle Network). There is a lot of to think about and speculate of what the series would be like and while Megaman is in hiatus, it is actually a good chance for MMSF to make a big comeback in the future if it is able to pull it off together in terms of gameplay, concept, and story.

I feel like the MMSF is heading in a direction where mistakes are meant to be fixed but was short lived after it's unexplained hiatus. I personally do not want the series to die mainly because of the potential it brought out starting with 3. It had a disastrous beginning but brought back stuff what MMBN 4-6 could not such as bringing the traditional secret bosses from MMBN 2-3 which really made it stand out again.

The gameplay should be a mix of new and old meaning it should be 2 dimensional again but at the same time minimalize the 3d elements that hurt the game.

As for the next bosses. I thought of a tarot card arcana set (which would be interesting as it would be a shout out to JoJo and Persona series) and the seven deadly sins (since it is used in popular fiction such as divine comedy, fma, yuyu hakusho, seven deadly sins, persona 5).

How would you fix Megaman Star Force? I feel like they should tie in well with MMBN to make it interesting for example.
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My biggest issue with Star Force was everything felt dumbed down. The 3D battles were bad, yeah, but the biggest crime imo was how your chip folder required nothing but the strongest chips to be successful in single player - and before you say it, I know they're cards in Star Force. "Chips" is too iconic to me.

You're right though, Star Force 3 was an excellent platform for the series to truly take off from. After it became obvious that other people aside from Geo and Sonia were on good terms with these incredible transformation aliens, I was hoping the series would go in a Power Rangers-esque direction, and the fact that these literal super heroes were being tracked and registered really built the lore up for that kind of future.

The real issue I have with continuing Star Force is that the pacing was already atrocious, and it suffered from a lot of the same problems that Battle Network 5 and especially 6 suffered from - the writers were very obviously focused on getting to the end of the story ASAP. Everything felt so rushed to me, now that they completed the "arc" of getting the Stelar family back together, I'd hate to see them try to make another arc.
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UI interface of RnR3 + EXE2 Post-game + Actual folder organization strategy + More creative (and functional) support cards + Angelus [RnR2 concept] / Diablo transformation = Something pretty neat.
Unity 2018.2 for a masterful 10 minute fairy tale. Releasing on 5/22/18. Buckle up. This'll be a hell of a mess.
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