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Mgamerz Today, 1:05 AM Reply to MMBN BNSA Sprite Unpacker/Repacker in Tools:
Been working on redoing GM's sprite viewer to use the BNSA unpacker classes. Progress is good. Wrote a new version in WPF instead of winforms so future users on high res screens will be able to use the app. Following screenshots are at 125% DPI Scaling.
Posted Image

After loading a game, the program parses offsets as BNSA and loads all of it into memory. You'll get a window like this.
Posted Image

Added some new tricks where you can zoom with the scroll wheel, and cycle all the up/downs with the wheel as well. Working on getting Animated GIF outputs working, but I've hit a snag in ImageMagick so that's broken, and I haven't implemented all of the other features yet from the original tool.

Using this directly on games also let me fix multiple bugs in the BNSA unpacker too so it can now read just about everything properly now.

Tooltips for days.
Posted Image

Things to do:
- Make it possible to edit palettes with the palette buttons
- Load the whole animation bitmaps and crop it properly so it fits in the center of the screen when zooming (currently just scales 256x256 up to your scaling size)
- Cache drawn bitmaps to memory so it doesn't use a lot of CPU redrawing animation bitmaps at scale
- Make it not look like crap on non 100% DPI at 1x (WPF issue)
- Re-implement all the stuff the original one had
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