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TheMeepGuy Today, 8:32 PM Reply to Net Navis In Real Life in Off-Topic:
About that Digimon thing... I loved Digimon too, but... D-Reaper tho, it's Alpha or I mean Alpha is D-Reaper, so if those 2 were real :/ Also, I wonder about Navi patents, if multiple navis share a name, is it a software crime or identity crime? (like how many people want to operate X or Zero)
TheMeepGuy Today, 6:38 PM Reply to looking for help moding again in Discussion & Help:
What exactly is needed? I would love to work with someone on a modding project, I've got plenty of time on my hands & I've done some modding stuff
(mostly just battle hacker and sprite editors)
Nicharrison Today, 6:16 PM Reply to looking for help moding again in Discussion & Help:
So are you saying to ask after Ive done a large part of the project then ask for help?
What if no helps then am just to give up or just to stop asking?
Also if no one on this site offers to help why have a help section ;Also then why is it called "Discussion & Help" and not just Discussion?

Or are you saying just do it and have every one who plays it not know how hard or painstaking it was to do by myself the very same people who ignored me now.

Also a lot of the thing i want to do i cant find any info for example on making "Tango" ,"Rush" ,and "Beat" work in all battles in MMBN6 or how to make new attacks in MMBN6.
Prof. 9 Today, 2:45 PM Reply to Why Do I See This? in Discussion & Feedback:
There was no reason to revive this.
TheMeepGuy Today, 12:24 PM Reply to Net Battle Academy in Off-Topic:
What about a Forte Black ,Search Green, or Shadow Violet? I'm guessing the colors are based off their corresponding Navis' colors?
(maybe as a higher tier of classes similar to how Obelisk Blue was but if the dorms/ranks were also in larger ranks i.e. Proto red/ForteBlack [or SearchGreen as a Stream reference] at top)?
Final_Enigma_7 Today, 11:36 AM Reply to Why Do I See This? in Discussion & Feedback:
Yeah, I saw that a while back and was like "heyyy, that's pretty cool. A little Rockman.EXE down there.".
GreyRock.EXE Today, 11:18 AM Reply to Why Do I See This? in Discussion & Feedback:
It looks great in Light TREZ
Posted Image
GreyRock.EXE Today, 11:14 AM Reply to looking for help moding again in Discussion & Help:
Well Ive wanted to do a major project but I need help with parts I cant do but every time I ask for help i get none.

Nobody is obligated to support anyone else. Nobody is entitled to support.
should I just figure it out my self and then should I just keep it to my self.

There are a plethora of resources at your disposal here. Game research, tutorials on various topics, etc. It may not suffice, but if nobody helps, I find that enriching oneself with documentation and experimentation works nicely, boosts self-confidence even.
I feel as if no one on this site really cares if a new mod or patch gets made by someone they don't know or if that persons hopes or dreams are meet.

Unfortunately, you're one of many with regards to your situation. Several have spoken to the great wall of indifference recently. I'm actually not going to call these circumstances problematic. Also, people are jumping with joy when they find old EXE6 patches as of late.
I know i have the potential to make the ideas i have but if no one is going to help me and i am left to struggle with the parts i cant do at the moment when i do finish my progect i well feel as thought every one just watch me struggle but they are the same people who will want to play the mod/patch I maid ;Am I right in feeling that way?

If one does make a functional product (unlike me //LMAO... thus far purely by incompetence), yes, people interested in the subject would be willing to try it if he/she decides to publish it despite any misgivings he/she may end up harboring against the community at large.
In any event, I actually have a theory: nobody who's anybody cares much for empty promises and vaporware after years of similar cases, so there's very few prepared to acknowledge any struggles at all. There's still an audience for fanworks, but the set of users willing to contrib / advise has* reached nil.

Then again, what do I know?

//immediately invalidates all of my points above
ideal.exe Today, 6:13 AM Reply to RockMan EXE6: Sound Patch in Projects & Releases:
Jun 21 2018, 02:29 AM
Jun 15 2018, 07:44 PM
Hi freedom321, my BPS patch is created by Floating IPS.
So I recommend that you apply my patch using it.

Since ASM changes are included in BPS, it is not need to apply.
They are opened for those who are interested in the modding source code.
Could I send your patch to Chinese Rockman forum? I will credit you when sending.

I think Chinese RM fans will be love to see your patch.
That would be nice. That is an honor for me.
I can't read Chinese without translation, but I want you to make a link to Chinese Rockman forum.
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